Flipping the classroom

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Well the idea of flipping the classroom is a scary thought for an instructor, Philip LaRocco believes there are exciting challenges that will help instructors get out of their old train of thought which is;  B follows A, D follows C approach to educating students. LaRocco states how can we confirm the students understand the readings they have been assigned? while we don’t, he believes that most of the students in class have read the assigned readings however very few understand what they have read. LaRocco believes that pushing students and allowing them to explore the content on their own and creating questions on the content while they read the assignment provides the students the security in asking for clarification on the content.

Most instructors now are very proactive in finding new approaches to teaching. Flipping the classroom is just one of the ideas of modern education that has shown success. It allows the students to be more engaging, it gives the students power in their own education. We will always have students who believe they have paid for a program, therefore I should be taught not guided. Are those students really wanting to be taught? Not so, I think those are the students who want to be spoon fed their education.



One thought on “Flipping the classroom

    tammyharper1975 said:
    June 5, 2015 at 1:44 pm

    Since I have always wanted to be responsible for my own education when I walked into my RRC classroom for the first time my classes were student centered (more than I realized). I frequently have the students teach the class, or learn from each other by open discussions or debates.

    Flipping the classroom is a cool concept that I really like working with. Since at RRC, I have had the privilege of working with a diverse group of students and some of the comments that I received afterwards was that the students found it to be one of the most engaging classes they have taken.


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