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I had never heard of Web-quest until I took a course on “course implementation.” I was fascinated by the possibility of my students actually researching something on their own and coming back with their findings. If you haven’t heard of Web-quests then let me tell you about them. First, you come up with a topic for your students to study, such as Pharmacology. I know you’re probably saying “hang on Tim, that’s a very broad topic”. You are right. It is and that’s why you have to define the parameters of their search. You need to do a couple of things first; you have to have an introduction, a task, a process, an evaluation, and then a conclusion.

Your introduction will tell the students what they will be studying, So for me, I will be letting the students know there is a lot controversy about giving a fluid bolus to a patient who has lost a lot of blood, The next thing I do is let them know how to complete the task. For example, is it going to be a research paper or maybe a debate arguing the pros and cons of both sides? Then maybe I might have them do a demonstration (no wait, that might be too messy)! Once I advise them on the task, I have to give them the process. For this task, I’ll have them debate the pros and cons of giving a fluid bolus to a patient and each side will come up with five points for the pros and cons of giving a patient a fluid bolus. The students will have a specific amount of time to complete the task. Once they complete the process, we have to evaluate the students. This can be in the form of a rubric or a checklist. Finally the students are given the conclusion which they learned from the key points from this Web-quest.


One thought on “Webquest

    crismazzei70 said:
    June 9, 2015 at 1:45 pm

    I like the way you write, the ease and humour that comes across will inspire you students to learn. I find it hard to think of student centered methods in a hands on situation. The example you used got me to stretch my way of looking using webquest it in terms of smaller assignments also. Not just large projects. So once again, you have inspired. Great post.


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