My Inquiry Project

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Every now and then in our life we are asked to play outside of our sandbox of life and learn something new. I always found that my best emotion to go to, in times of stress, is “fear.” The next stage would be procrastination. These are definitely my strongest emotions. Once I finish putting off my “putting off,” I start thinking about what can I learn that would be both fun and practical, as an educator. I decided that in order to help my students next year, I would learn how to create my own instructional videos, just like the ones on Youtube. I found several different formats that I could use. I found Screencastify, Explain Everything, Live, and Youtube. So I researched what avenue I could use to create a good video. I looked at Screencastify, which took me into the realm of Google and just how useful it is.  I played around with it and made a lot of mistakes. I still have to work on refining the presentations. Explain Everything was good, however I had to constantly “use my son’s Ipad.” I found that I spent more time rationalizing the need to use his Ipad to my son, than actually creating the presentation. The other format I tried was LIVE which is part of the LEARN software from the college. Similar to Screencastify, I found both are probably the ones I will use in the future. Once you have finished the presentation, Youtube is a great format in which to share with your class. This process was a great journey into being a student again. The emotions the student face when learning something new, the frustration of not understanding something, the failure of not getting it right and the satisfaction of finally getting it right. All of this is a connection I will forever have with my students.


One thought on “My Inquiry Project

    crismazzei70 said:
    June 13, 2015 at 4:27 am

    Great post!! Connection is important in learning.


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